Stuff or Space, Reflections on the Recent Purge

My wife and I feel that we are conscientious consumers. At the time of each purchase, we do our best to carefully consider the costs and feel that any item we would purchase should provide aneed rather than feed our wants. So, I feel that most of the items we got rid of recently are not superfluous items, but items which we have used a great deal and gotten a lot of value out of it. Even still, getting rid of them for extra space was really a worth while endeavor.

As I am reflecting all the extra space we were able to gain, it made me think about just how we choose to place value when it comes to our personal stuff and space.

To put it into proper perspective, the median sale price of homes currently listed in San Jose, CA as of March, 2016 (where I live) is $735,000... the median list price per square foot is $520 dollars.

By looking at these figures, it is evident that spaces are valuable; $520 per square foot to be exact. 

We value space because evidence show we are willing to pay for it. Yet, most us, while paying the high cost, do not truly value it. Rather, we choose to value stuff over our space. 

Take an average room, a garage or a closet in the homes we live in; these valuable spaces are filled to the brim with stuff and we allow and tolerate the inconveniences while they encroach and suffocate our ever diminishing personal space.... and we cry out, "We need more room!"

It appears that the only value some of us are willing to place on space is for its capacity to store items. 

Having gotten rid of our stuff, I truly appreciate the extra space we have gained as a family. My children now have a sizable play area which they didn't have before and our home just feels very spacious than before. By eliminating much of the stuff/clutter, I can really see the difference in the way that we as a family can now utilize and enjoy our space than before. 

The rough estimate of all the spaces we've gained can easily add up to at least 25 square feet or more. That is a whopping $13,000 dollars (25 X 520 per sq ft) worth of space based on market value! Do I think it's worth it? Yes, every penny of it!

Again, let's think about what we value more, stuff or space? 

Suppose it is the stuff we value more. Then the question remains, "does our stuff really give US value as much as we give IT? 

Do you need more room for you and your family? Consider the cost of having to build or moving to a bigger home...There is an option.